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The Prime Earner

Michael was in his prime earning years – enjoying a healthy income, saving for college for his three children, and maxing out his 401(k). It appeared he was doing everything right. But was he?

IM Wealth Partners

  • Helped Michael understand the "real cost" of college, identified flexible college plans that were not stock market-dependent, and helped him receive the FAFSA "needs-based" help he deserved
  • Showed Michael and his wife how to run their household like a well-oiled business, using smart cash flow management and an optimum spending and savings plan
  • Put the couple on a path to potentially grow their nest egg significantly to help secure a comfortable retirement through sound financial decisions
  • Helped to purchase the appropriate life insurance policies
  • Ensured that their dream house at the beach would be kept in the family
  • Provided Michael with a level of financial understanding for today, tomorrow and for a lifetime

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