At IM Wealth Partners, we take the mystery out of financial planning. We work closely with our clients to create strategies for real life – college, cars, daycare, home improvement, vacation homes, retirement – whatever your goals and dreams. What's your plan? Unlike most financial planners, we are independent and not bound to sell propriety products, nor are we focused on only one or two aspects of your financial snapshot. We believe... in holistic financial planning – looking at the big picture and making smart decisions for spending, saving and protecting your wealth in ways that will impact your family both today and tomorrow. Think of us as Your Personal Financial Concierge. We invite you to learn more About Us and our unique offerings, and Contact Us to begin mapping out your financial plan.


Are you confident that you have a coordinated financial plan that will last a lifetime and beyond? If not, it's time. Let IM Wealth Partners build a customized, all-inclusive, economically efficient model for you, based on your wants and needs.


The Young Professional

Jennifer was just starting out in her career. While she had yet to accumulate a lot of wealth, she was on her way to making great money. She knew she needed to make smart decisions and plan effectively to realize her full potential.

IM Wealth Partners

  • Established short- and mid-term savings plans, a debt payoff plan, and a long-term planning strategy
  • Guided Jen through the process of identifying which student loans to consolidate and how best to do so to fix interest rates and provide a comfortable payment schedule
  • Locked in young and healthy rates for life insurance and disability insurance for extremely little out-of-pocket outlay
  • Helped Jen decide whether to purchase or lease an automobile
  • Determined how much she could afford to spend on a new home, and whether she should sell her current condo or rent it

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The Prime Earner

Michael was in his prime earning years – enjoying a healthy income, saving for college for his three children, and maxing out his 401(k). It appeared he was doing everything right. But was he?

IM Wealth Partners

  • Helped Michael understand the "real cost" of college, identified flexible college plans that were not stock market-dependent, and helped him receive the FAFSA "needs-based" help he deserved
  • Showed Michael and his wife how to run their household like a well-oiled business, using smart cash flow management and an optimum spending and savings plan
  • Put the couple on a path to potentially grow their nest egg significantly to help secure a comfortable retirement through sound financial decisions
  • Helped to purchase the appropriate life insurance policies
  • Ensured that their dream house at the beach would be kept in the family
  • Provided Michael with a level of financial understanding for today, tomorrow and for a lifetime

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The Retirement Planner

Sam knew he was at a critical juncture in his life, and the time to start planning for his retirement was now.

IM Wealth Partners

  • Carefully considered Sam's goals and dreams
  • Guided Sam in purchasing long-term care insurance to ensure he would not give away all of his savings paying for care in the final stages of life
  • Helped determine a balance between the enjoyment of spending today and investing and saving for tomorrow so Sam could live life to the fullest
  • Showed Sam that the best result is obtained by focusing not only on accumulation, but also the distribution phase of your plan, starting with the end in mind
  • Coordinated with Sam's other advisors on the entirety of his plan to assist him with taxes, estate planning and much more

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The Estate Planner

Barbara wanted to leave her money to her heirs, not the IRS, but found conflicting, complicated advice everywhere she turned. How could she maximize her wealth and the wealth of her generations to follow?

IM Wealth Partners

  • Helped Barbara plan to use leverage to pay taxes so her heirs wouldn't have to
  • Applied economic efficiencies to address the factors that erode wealth – inflation, lost opportunity cost and taxes
  • Worked closely with various trusted experts – accountants, attorneys, real estate professionals and others – to address every aspect of Barbara's finances, including trusts for her heirs and tax gifting and discounting strategies
  • Helped Barbara get on the path to achieving her financial dreams while avoiding potential pitfalls

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The Business Owner

David planned, sacrificed and worked hard to become a successful business owner. He knew his current and potential income would be reflected in every choice he made.

IM Wealth Partners

  • Ensured David focused on personal planning in tandem with his business planning, and coordinated the various facets of his finances to work together in an integrated manner
  • Helped David understand how his tax bracket can shift, and how a shift that can affect all of the pieces on the financial game board
  • Provided solutions to address savings rates that remain unacceptably low
  • Assisted David with insurance and investments, and addressed the specific challenges faced by those who are self-employed

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We believe in a holistic model for financial planning. We offer access to experienced counsel to ensure every aspect of your financial wellbeing – from savings to mortgages to insurance and so much more.

We believe in fact, not opinion. Our planning models guide financial recommendations based on economic and mathematical formulas, not guesswork.

We believe in building lifelong relationships with our clients – providing highly personalized service that takes your life goals and challenges into careful consideration as we create and continually reassess your financial plan for today and tomorrow.


Our full-service concierge model equates to less time and less aggravation for you by providing comprehensive, expert guidance that will help you to reach your desired result. Let us take the fear of the unknown out of financial planning and put you on a smart and efficient path toward achieving your goals and dreams.


We are a comprehensive, independent financial services firm founded in 2003, with the goal of completely redefining the concept of financial planning. We want to bring something that hasn’t been brought before.

We want our clients to seek us out because they are looking for a one-stop shop where they can coordinate nearly every aspect of their finances with advisors they can trust.

We aim to impact the everyday monetary decisions of our clients, and ultimately enhance their ability to achieve more financially than they ever thought possible.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck